dumb bitch it is a STORM

“Why the hell is it so dark? It’s only eleven in the morning!” I exclaimed.

“It looks like there’s a storm coming.”

“No, it’s my fault” I said. “I should have fixed the damn porch light yesterday.”


“Why the hell are my clothes so wet?! Did you pour water on me?”

“Charlotte, it’s raining.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” I replied. “And don’t do it again.”


“Hey!” I shouted above the horrible noise, “don’t be scared, but someone is shooting at us! We need to go to a safe location and wait until they leave!”

“I think that’s just thunder you’re hearing,” you said reasonably.

I looked at you. You poor, poor, stupid thing. I know what thunder sounds like, and I know for certain that this is not thunder.


This was ridiculous, what the hell was going on? I couldn’t hear, couldn’t see, and was shivering cold. Something was very, very wrong with no logical explanation.

I thought, maybe, that this was the world ending. No, I was certain of it.

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