I like to watch films, to be so immersed in the acting and story that I feel what they feel. That I reimagine my entire future based on a fleeting inspiration that came from the great work of it. Maybe I will watch it again and again. I am a glutton for inspired thought.

I like to listen to music, especially scores, that make me feel alive and inspired. That I can close my eyes to and breathe in and out with the violin swells. And lift my chin and tilt my head back to let tears fall towards my listening ears, for the simple beauty of the procession of notes that burns something within my nature.

I like to read, oh how I love to read. If you find me staring at a page, my face twisted in rage, a questioning or hopeful brow raise, or simply weeping, please, let me be. There is no possible way for me to devour a book without the life within it dripping from the pages and becoming part of my being. The emotion is not mirrored in me, it develops inside of me.

When we entertain great works, we are not simply enjoying or judging them. They become part of our stories, part of our lives if we let them. I do not only witness the stories around me, I become them. They are coded into my psyche. I am not only living my life, I am living a collective life.

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