all, every

Sometimes you are suave and romantic, charming, graceful, and you serve joy to others. You speak in absolute truths. Your enthusiasm for life infects those around you.

And I love this part of you.

But sometimes, you are quick to anger, defensive, secretive, and controlling. You lie and cheat and manipulate, especially when you think you know what’s best. You can make others feel on edge, uncomfortable.

I love this part of you as well.

There is a boyish part, who demands what he wants. He giggles and grins and makes me laugh, hard.

I love this part very much.

And the contemplative one. This one is gentle and comfortable. Quiet conversations over cigarettes that you finish faster than me. Kind eyes, questioning eyes, sad eyes, depending on the topic.

I love this part more than I care to say.

Then there is the part who speaks very loudly with no words, when he makes music. A language I sometimes understand, although the infinite complexities of why and how you create will always be a mystery.

I love this part dearly.

Even as I write this, the list grows, the many parts of you. There will be parts I never see- I love this as well. As long as I can keep exploring you, discovering you. To explore my own world, to discover yours (to build one together). I have never found anything more worthy of my time, and if I could do only this for the rest of my days, this would be a life worth living.

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