how could I even begin

You said “why me”

and I’m good at talking about how I feel,

but how could I do justice to the way you look at me?

How could I begin to talk about how you gently prod me into honesty about things you see so clearly?

Or how I am more me near you?

I couldn’t even try.


You said “why me”

but I don’t think I will ever be a good enough writer to discuss the way we slip in and out of heavy and light in our conversations;

how could I describe the ease?

How could I speak to knowing the harder-to-love parts of you, and wanting you all the more?


If you ask “why me” I’ll do my best to answer,

but don’t expect me to be able to accurately depict the simultaneous calm and excitement I feel when you touch me.

Don’t expect me to discuss the vastness of the gratitude I feel to know you,

to know that you exist in this world.

And absolutely do not expect me to be able to describe the unequivocal certainty with which I know that I love you.

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