still don’t know what love is

What does it mean when someone feels like home? And what about when that feeling comes as a surprise?

When you see them and your body sighs.

Your mind finds tension it hadn’t realized was there, and decides to relax its grip. (then promptly flies into a manic dizziness and stays there for a few hours.)

Every word they say is delicious and revolutionary. Every move is seen.

Why do some people make you feel happy, while others give you true moments of joy?

Small snapshots of bliss. In the car, on the porch. And bliss it is, too much: it spills out of your mouth into unwarranted laughter. They never ask for an explanation, they kindly accept your reactions. Their music floats to the ceiling, held by the lightness of your admiration and what might be recognized by some as love. You cannot help but giggle from all of the goodness.

What happens then? When someone makes you feel at home? You didn’t know you had been away. You’re tired of traveling.

What then?

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