maybe moment

There are no pictures from this moment.

There were no people watching, there is no concept of how it looked from afar, although I can imagine:

They would have seen you put your hand on my face, would have seen me close my eyes to feel more of your touch. They would have seen my smile.

They would have seen you pull me close, and then our laughter as we bumped heads.

They would have seen our lengthy sighs because all of the emotion needed more room, and deep breaths offered space.

They would have seen me cry because

1. I cry frequently and without hesitation


2. How does anyone keep all of that happiness inside?

I’m glad no one saw this moment. Even more glad that I remembered it and can write it down.

That’s the beauty of writing. Maybe this moment never happened or maybe parts of it did at different times with different people. Maybe it happened exactly like this. Do I care? Does anyone?

I love the person I am more and more each day.

I love this moment, real or fake, old or yet to come.

I am also not afraid to say, I love the thought of you in it.

1 thought on “maybe moment”

  1. Regardless of whether that ‘you’ is you, someone close, or someone yet to know, that thought is like an umbilical beacon that ‘you’ can see.


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