what have i done

I have lived in the Devil’s Triangle,

I have loved deeply without return.

I have sat with loneliness surrounded by friends

And have spoken with ancestors alone.


I have sipped wine around a fire.

I have drifted in the sea under a full moon.

I have sat by streams in a silent forest.

I’ve seen a garden sown with love in full bloom.


I have cried from joy and laughter.

And have few times accepted death.

I have looked in the eyes of a creature so kind.

And shed tears as it took its last breath.


When I start to think life is simple, mundane,

I make lists of the things that I’ve done.

To remember that no matter how much this list grows,

There is certainly more yet to come.



(Previously published by Harness Magazine at http://www.harnessmagazine.com)

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