love to send them on their way

I’m thinking about love, I’m thinking about fitting the types of love I feel into the neat little categories that are offered: romantic, sexual, material, and platonic. Long ago I discarded these categories of love and let myself love the way I wanted to and the way I was feeling. In the context of a future with someone, I am bumped right back into those neat little categories with seemingly no other options unless the societal structure of the 21st century completely upends itself within the next 5 years, unlikely.

I am still sitting on the jaded imagery that although I may be free-spirited and open to all types of love right now, eventually I will learn a lot from my experiences, become extremely wise because of them, and settle into a family unit with my younger, freer years remaining only as lessons I share with my bratty kids when their experiences begin to mirror my own. People seem happy doing that right? Although, there are the undeniable statistics of divorce rates within the last 10 years to tell me otherwise.

Love is, and I will blanket-statement this, the most important thing in the world. It is what we all live for, what we should live for. We should allow it to consume and crush us and make us weep with all types of spilled emotions. But scientifically speaking, if you’re with the same person long enough, you fall out of love with them. Sure, you still love and respect them but you don’t feel in love with them.

In this regard, if you love someone so much that it hurts in all of the most important places of the heart, shouldn’t you love them enough to not spend the rest of your life with them? To avoid falling out of love, do you just have to keep finding and leaving it?

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